Thirsty Work: Zoologist Captures Close-Up of Coconut Crab Sipping From Tidepool

A Taiwan-based zoologist used a trip to Christmas Island to capture fascinating close-up footage of a coconut crab perched beside a tidepool, sipping water.

The largest land crab in the world, adult coconut crabs (also known as robber crabs) are unable to swim.

In order to breathe out of the water, these crabs have, according to New Scientist, “developed organs called branchiostegal lungs, which are essentially sets of gills turned inside out.”

This footage was captured by Hung-Chang Liu, who told Storyful that he has regularly visited the Australian territory (which lies over 2,600 km from Perth) for two months at a time to study crabs there.

Hung-Chang Liu said that the footage was recorded originally recorded on January 12, 2014, however it was posted to YouTube on March 10 of this year. Credit: Hung-Chang Liu via Storyful