Thirty Slow Lorises Are Returned To The Indonesian Rainforest

30 Slow Lorises have been released back into the wild. A team of conservationists reintroduced the Javan Slow Lorises into their natural habitat in a National Park in Indonesia. Before being released, the Lorises had undergone a recovery and treatment process to stimulate their natural behaviour. Starting with medical examinations and a period in quarantine, they then underwent behavioural observations until they were declared healty and ready to be translocated for habituation and then final release. The release operation was carried out by the Centre for Natural Resources Conservation (BBKSDA) in collaboration with the TNGHS office and International Animal Rescue (IAR) Indonesia. The Lorises were released in two groups of 15, both groups will spend up two weeks in a habituation enclosure before finally being given their freedom in the wild.