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This back-saving bed sheet tucker works so well it's even used by hotels

Having a nicely made bed to crawl into at night is great and all, but real talk: How many of us actually bother to remake the bed in the morning? It's the kind of time-consuming drudgery that doesn't really seem necessary, especially if you're under-caffeinated. But we've found a helpful invention — The Bed Tucker — that makes the job so quick and easy that hotels have taken to using it. (It's also racked up over a million views on TikTok.) Not only will it save your back, it'll impress any guests you host — it'll look like you had a professional housekeeping service stop by. Five-star-quality beds, here you come!

Holy sheet! The Tucker is one of those unexpected products you never knew you needed. 

$25 at Amazon

You might be thinking, "How much of a game-changer could this plastic paddle really be?" And sure, it looks unassuming, but The Tucker is a godsend for anyone suffering from back pain, wrist pain — or any bodily ache that could get exacerbated by making a bed since it spares you from having to lift your heavy mattress to secure those sheets underneath.

Invented by a couple in their eighties and nineties to take pressure off their backs, this gizmo is thin enough to slide your bedding right under your mattress, into your bed frame — wherever you need it to go — within seconds. Check out the TikTok below to see it in action:

It's made of a durable material that won't easily break, and hotel chains from Loews, Hyatt and Marriott to the Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons have incorporated it into their room cleaning regimens.

Another plus? You'll save your manicure!

someone using the bed sheet tucker
Who knew having a bed sheet tucker could make such a difference in the morning?

Some 1,400 Amazon customers (and counting) are loving The Tucker.

"Making my bed has become my new favorite thing to do," wrote a five-star fan. "I love to layer my bed with two sheets, two blankets, a throw and at least eight pillows. My goal is to have my bed look like a luxurious hotel bed. And The Tucker was my missing link to the puzzle. I wear long nails, and this tool makes it fast and easy to tuck the many layers of my bedspreads. I feel so accomplished after I use this tool. Such a simple design makes such a huge difference. It's sturdy, yet slim enough to fit in tight crevices. An absolute must-have."

"This is a lifesaver," gushed another impressed shopper. "Those of advanced age, or perhaps with a bad back, will more than appreciate this handy aid in making beds less of a chore. For me, at 75 years young, making my full-sized bed was a breeze ... no bruise spots on my hands/arms, no straining to get the last side done and no aching back. I love this gadget and I definitely recommend it to anyone."

"I have been unable to tuck my sheets in with my hands, as they are very arthritic," shared a final reviewer. "This is a much-needed tool, although because the handle is so flat, I have trouble holding onto it with my hands. I wish it had a rounded handle on the end of it."

Psst: It also makes a great, practical stocking stuffer!

$25 at Amazon

And if you want your fitted sheets to stay put, these Bed Bands are also highly rated:

Each band has two clamps on it — just attach one to each side of the corners of your fitted sheet, then place the corners under your mattress like you normally would. Oh, and you can adjust the tightness as needed.

$14 at Amazon

"Bed Band saved my marriage!" gushed a (now) relieved sleeper. "I was remaking my bed literally every single day because of the fitted sheet pulling up over the corner of the mattress. My husband is a very restless sleeper, which is why I think this was such a problem for us. We were constantly arguing over whose fault it was that the fitted sheet had pulled up again. ... After putting these on, I have not had to fix the fitted sheet once! They are very simple to use and take very little extra time than putting a fitted sheet on to begin with ... I can literally sleep better at night with the Bed Band in my life!"

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