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This top-selling slime-like car-cleaning gel is on sale for just $7: 'Works every single time'

While your car vac can do a great job sucking up the dirt left over on the seats or floor, it can't get everything — like the crumbs in your cup holder, the dust in your vents or the ever-present pollen that permeates every crack, crevice and cranny of the car. But there is a tool that gets right up in all those nooks, cracks and crannies and leaves your car looking like you just drove off the lot. Pulidiki just dropped a new and improved cleaning gel. Like the original, it's reusable, effective and, better yet, just $7! Or pick up the original for $1 less.

Why all the buzz? For starters, the gel is specially designed to clean air vents, consoles, steering wheels, and all those hard-to-clean spots on your car.

$7 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

Even at full price, this cleaning gel is an affordable splurge — but discounted, it's even more appealing. You'd spend a lot more on lunch at a drive through than you would for the gel to get those burger crumbs out of your cupholder. That's a small price to pay for something that will get all the gunk out of those hard-to-reach crevices in your car and keep it feeling like-new for a lot longer.

Why do I need this?

And how great is this: no water or cleaner needed! Plus, it can be reused over and over again until it turns black. No chemical smell, either — it has a light, sweet scent. Oh, and it's not just for cars — it can pick up dirt trapped in your keyboard, on your cellphone, TV remote and any other hard-to-reach spots.

Like the slime kids love, this sticky gel is designed to adhere to dust and other debris — but not your hands. It also somehow doesn't leave any residue, despite its sticky, slimy texture. The new version comes in this fab purple color, and the original is a bright blue shade.

person using purple cleaning gel to clean car interior
Fed up with all the grit and gunk hiding out in your car's console? Look to the goo! (Amazon)

What reviewers say

"Saves time and effort," said a shopper. "I thought that I would have to get my car detailed professionally in order to get the vents and other crevices clean — wrong! This goop is long-lasting and works great every single time."

"I bought this on a lark, not expecting it to work all that well, but it really works great in crevices in the car!" shared one thrilled fan of the original. "It feels weird and looks weird, but it is kind of fun and like being a kid again to use it."

Another chimed in: "This product works like magic. I’ve vacuumed and used an air hose on my car console, and they never get it like I want it. I ordered this product, and I was amazed! I rolled it around and it got every bit of dust and miscellaneous things, every bit. I took four minutes to do my whole giant console area."

A third added that it's perfect for that new-car-feel: "I put this on the console of my car. My car is older, and getting into the crevices to clean is hard. I put the product in my console and it looks brand-new. Like, I-just-left-the-car-dealership new. I need to buy another one because it picked up so much debris, it is filled up. But I love this product."

All you need to do is gently push this putty into any crevice that can use a cleaning.

$7 at Amazon

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