This couple let their 180-stone pet buffalo live in the house with them

It’s no different to having a dog, really (Caters)

Meet Wild Thing, a 180-stone pet buffalo who lives in the house — and even eats breakfast at the dinner table.

The enormous animal lives with Ronnie Bridges, 60, and his wife, 44, in their home in Texas — and has done so since he was a calf.

The pair sold their herd of 52 buffalo back in 2004, after illness caused Ronnie to lose vision in one eye, meaning he was no longer able to manage so many.

But they decided to keep one — and give him special treatment.

Now Wild Thing, who is 11, is one of the family, and even sits with them to watch television (cowboy movies, since you asked).

Wild Thing eats at the breakfast table (Caters)

“It was my idea to bring Wild Thing in the house when he was a young calf. I said we should bring him in,” said Sherron.

“I told Ronnie, he only lives once so we might as well do something different with him.”

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Ronnie added: “He is the real life bull in a china shop although I’m surprised he doesn’t do more damage with his 400lbs head when he comes and goes as he pleases.

“It’s like a car coming through the house, he has his own room where he watches TV but his favourite room requires a bit of furniture moving to get him in each time.”

Ronnie and Sherron with ‘best man’ Wild Thing (Caters)

The pet is so loved in fact, the buffalo was even Ronnie’s “best man” when he got married to Sherron.

If that wasn’t strange enough, the animal also mingles with a pack of wolves that are also owned by the (slightly eccentric) pair.

“It’s always a tight squeeze whenever you want to walk past him in the house and luckily all our doorways are big enough for him,” said Ronnie.