This Donald Trump and Veep mash-up is both hilarious and depressing

Gregory Wakeman
[Image by HBO]

On Friday President Donald Trump was supposed to sign an executive order in front of several members of the press. However he was so concerned about the potential questions regarding former national security Michael Flynn he quickly left the scene without actually putting pen to paper.

It was an excruciating moment, especially as Vice President Mike Pence had to traipse back to the desk, grab the unsigned executive order, and then follow President Trump out of the room. In fact, the scene was so awkward that it would have fit perfectly into the world of ‘Veep’.

The team over at BuzzFeed felt that way so strongly that Brandon Wall took to Twitter to ask, “Could someone please mash this up to be in the style of a Veep closing credits scene?” His request was obliged by Jesse McLaren, who created the following:

This is both utterly stupendous and also a little depressing, as it once again proves that political satire and reality have well and truly crossed over. But what else can you do but laugh? Especially at the crowning moment of the above, which saw one man ask, “So he didn’t sign them?”, a woman reply with, “He did not sign them,” and then a third man confirm, “He did not sign them.”

The ‘Veep’ team themselves were hugely impressed by the above video, too, because not only did executive producer and showrunner David Mandel and star Julia Louis-Dreyfus retweet the video, by the show’s other actors Timothy Simon and Matt Walsh, as well as its creator Armando Ianucci felt the need to point it out to people, too.


We’ll get to see if the sixth season of ‘Veep’ can top the above when it airs in the UK on April 18, 2017, at 10:10 pm.