This Fashion Line Is Changing How We Define Nude

Six models wear undergarments matched to their skin tone.
NüNude is a fashion line that aims to redefine what the word “nude” means to people. (Photo: Courtesty of NuNude)

Over the past few years, brands have been challenged to increase the diversity in not only their marketing, but also in their product lines. NüNude aims to combat the lack of diversity seen in both.

Created by Vabyanti Endrojono, a student at Oxford University, and Joanne Baban Morales, an events management business owner, NüNude is a clothing line that aims to incorporate all shades of nude, from porcelain to deepest chocolate. The brand’s new #Authenticity campaign promotes beauty for all shades through its undergarment collection and advocates for social change.

Vabyanti told Yahoo Style about the creation of NüNude: “In light of recent political events and grassroots-level frustration around the lack of ethnic representation in the media, we wanted to introduce a concept in a subtle way that would have great impact. By introducing a nude line that represents all skin colors and ethnicities, this introduces the idea of inclusivity and ethnic representation that the media and fashion industry is so lacking.”

NüNude is also petitioning for a definition change of the word nude in the Oxford dictionary, where it is narrowly defined beige or pink.

Of course, a growing number of campaigns embrace inclusivity; yet Photoshop, visual blurring, and alterations defeat the purpose for real women searching for someone just like them. “We wanted a campaign that all women could relate to,” said Joanne. “We didn’t want the campaign to be a group of women that people aspire to be, rather we wanted women to look at the campaign and see themselves in it.” To tackle the social media craze of filtered and edited photography, none of the photos were fully edited, said Joanne. “We wanted to capture the rawness of the images. We believed that the flaws are what made the picture unique, candid, and powerful.”

The beautiful photos, all shot by Mcmedia London, capture a total of 14 girls posing in NüNude’s diverse nude undergarments, all perfectly matched to each model’s skin tone. The campaign also shows models of different origins. You’ll see black, white, Asian, Hispanic, and some racially ambiguous models, fostering a sense that everyone, no matter who they are, is beautiful.

In a time when women are fighting back against societal notions of beauty, the collection could not find a better way to stick out from the crowd. “We are a brand that is creating a social movement, breaking down barriers and creating a [non-idealized] real representation of women, promoting self love and confidence in the skin they are in, whatever their shape, size, background.”

You’ll find sprinkled throughout their Instagram account quote cards of the different models, speaking to their beauty and not molding themselves to fit into societal standards. “I got fed up of trying to fit in when I’m clearly not meant to,” said one of the models, Shannon. Another model, Aaliyah, said, “Just because you’re dark skinned doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.”

Don’t think NüNude’s diversity campaign stops at skin tone. “In the future we want to continue expanding our message of diversity and inclusivity through more campaigns, extending this out to people with disabilities and the transgender community,” Vabyanti said. “We are making a change through fashion and tackling ridiculous beauty standards.”

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