This Is Happening: Susan Boyle Is Taking Acting Lessons So She Can Star In The Film Of Her Life

Susan Boyle has enlisted the help of a top acting coach who has worked with the likes of Cameron Diaz so she can star in her own life - the film version of it that is.

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The singer enrolled in a four day masterclass in June to brush up on her dramatic skillz with acting guru Bernard Hiller, who has not only trained Cam, but also Al Pacino. Quite an alumni indeed. Subo better clear her mantlepiece now to make room for all those awards come February.

Subo told the Daily Mirror: “In June I went to a course run by a fantastic man called Bernard Hiller. He was brilliant. It was a masterclass in acting that was based in London for four days.

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“He’s worked with some of the best people in Hollywood and he taught us how to resolve performance nerves and self discovery as well as inside-outside acting and how to be public with private emotions. It was brilliant and it’s really helped with my performance on stage as well.”

This isn’t Subo’s first foray into acting, oh no, she made an appearance as Eleanor Hopewell in The Christmas Candle in 2013. Remember that? No? OK, but she is hoping that her acting masterclass will blag, if not an Oscar, then a pat on the back.

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But she will have her work cut out to overshadow herself in the film as none other than acting legend, Meryl Streep, is in the running to play the Britain’s Got Talent runner-up. The question is, will she do a better job of playing Susan than Susan?

Susan was looking forward to popping up in scenes in the forthcoming biopic: “I think it would be fun to have me in the various crowd scenes- almost like a Where’s Wally? See how many times you can spot the real Susan in the film!

“In all seriousness, I’m very excited about this project. The script is great and the team behind it are brilliant.”

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Susan revealed that she found acting helps her control her emotions, something the singer, who has Asperger syndrome, has struggled with, said: “I like the fact it’s an emotional release. You get to hide in the role of a character and really explore the character and learn and delve and the emotions that maybe you can’t express in your day today life you can express through the character you are playing.

“It’s helped with confidence issues and made me feel part of a group.”

Susan’s surprised us before, so who’s to say she won’t put in an Oscar worthy performance as herself?

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