This Is How Smithers Came Out As Gay In The Simpsons

It was reported a while back that after 27 long years, Waylon Smithers was going to finally come out as gay in The Simpsons.

Smithers has had a blindingly obvious homoerotic obsession with his boss Mr. Burns for almost three decades, and the episode that saw Smithers come out of the closet, ‘The Burns Cage’, finally aired in America last night and just in case you can’t wait until the UK’s premiere this Sunday, here is exactly what happened:

Long-time show writer Rob LaZebnik previously revealed that he wanted the revelation to be quite low-key after being inspired to pen the scenes by his gay 21-year-old son Johnny.

He explained: “We didn’t really want to have that big moment of 'I’m out’, you know? Instead, just have it be a big embrace – like everyone knows it.”

Opting to shun a dramatic 'coming out’ speech, Homer, Lenny and Carl discover Smithers’ sexuality when they overhear him singing about how much he loves Mr. Burns at the nuclear power plant.


Deciding that Smithers is uptight and difficult to work with because he doesn’t have sex, the three men decide to set him up with a cute Cuban bartender but the romance doesn’t last because… Well, because he is no Mr. Burns.

Each to their own, eh?

The episode was positively received by fans with many taking to their Twitter accounts to praise the show’s creators for the heartfelt scenes:

The episode airs in the UK on Sunday 10th April, Sky1, at 6.30pm.

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