This Is Why People Hate Some Of Your Facebook Posts

This is why people hate some of your Facebook posts
This is why people hate some of your Facebook posts

Facebook posts where users boast about running ‘personal bests’ or post pictures of a new car often just make people angry.

A study by Carnegie Mellon University found that most of us underestimate just how much people hate ‘humblebrags’ online.

People who share such posts often imagine their ‘readers’ are sharing their pleasure - whereas in fact they find ‘humblebraggers’ less likeable.

The problem is actually worse on Facebook than it is in real life, the researchers say - as people may receive ‘bragging’ posts from friends they have lost touch with, or who they don’t know very well.

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‘When we engage in self-promotion ourselves, we tend to overestimate others' positive reactions and underestimate their negative ones,’ said Irene Scopelliti of City University, the study's lead author.

‘These results are particularly important in the Internet age, when opportunities for self-promotion have proliferated via social networking.

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‘The effects may be exacerbated by the additional distance between people sharing information and their recipient, which can both reduce the empathy of the self-promoter and decrease the sharing of pleasure by the recipient.’