This man dressed up as his cat for Halloween and his cat was NOT happy about it

Halloween costumes are becoming increasingly complex but sometimes all you want to do is stick on a giant cat outfit.

This man did exactly that - in fact, he went one step further and dressed up as his own pet cat, wearing a giant mask with a rather smart black suit.

However, the cat was less than impressed at seeing a giant, human-shaped version of himself.

In fact, his reaction was priceless.

Terrified: The cat looked on with shock at seeing a giant version of himself (Reddit)

The cat looks utterly terrified - which is probably exactly the reaction you want at Halloween.

And while the cat was scared witless at the outfit, his reaction is an instant classic, pulling in nearly a million views since it was first posted over the spooky weekend.

Reddit user redditmeman posted alongside the picture of the costume: “My buddy dressed up as his cat for Halloween. Look at the cats face…”

To be honest, it’s hard to look at anything else but the cat’s face.

Top pic: Reddit