'This Morning' viewers outraged as guest says children should be trained like dogs

Animal behaviourist Jo-Rosie Haffenden (ITV)
Animal behaviourist Jo-Rosie Haffenden (ITV)

This Morning viewers have been left outraged by an animal behaviourist who believes people should train their children like dogs.

Jo-Rosie Haffenden appeared on the morning show to talk about her controversial clicker method ahead of her new programme Train Your Baby Like A Dog.

Haddenden defended her methods after an autism organisation launched a campaign to have her show cancelled.

She argued that a “huge assumption” was being made about her training techniques because she was using a clicker.

"Unfortunately the autistic community, who are writing those sorts of petitions, have had a really troublesome past when it comes to these sorts of training techniques,” she said.

“They had a horrific time and some of the techniques that are still used today involve things like restraining children.”

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She continued: “They have been horrifically treated when it comes to training techniques and a lot of those techniques come from the old-fashioned dog training techniques.

“And I think what has happened is they have seen the clicker and they have made a huge assumption that, because a clicker is involved, I am using the same techniques that was used so horrifically.”

Haffenden claimed she struggled with her own son until she started using dog training techniques (ITV)
Haffenden claimed she struggled with her own son until she started using dog training techniques (ITV)

She went on to say that she was struggling with her own son until she started applying animal training techniques and discovered they worked on human children, too.

"I use the clicker on the show to teach the parents and teach the children how to behave autonomously."

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This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes said in response: "I can understand the initial outrage but we do humanise our dogs a lot more now, so why not do that in reverse."

To which Haffenden replied: "Yes because dogs are a hell of a lot like us - they experience loneliness, they can tell the difference in tone of voice."

But those watching at home were far from convinced and took to Twitter to express their outrage at the animal behaviourists methods.

One viewer tweeted: “I was infuriated before I even knew she’s using a bloody clicker!!!! I will not be ‘training’ any child in my care like a dog!”

While another wrote: “I have 2 great kids. Neither brought up like dogs! Youngest has autism. She’s not naughty, she gets overwhelmed. Behaviour is communication.”

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