This Russian fisherman is sharing photos of the terrifying deep sea beasts that he has caught

This Grenadier, otherwise known as a rattail, is the stuff of nightmares (Picture: Roman Fedortsov)

It’s only four days to Christmas, so we’re here to spread some festive cheer by haunting your dreams with an array of terrifying sea beasts.

These creatures are the discovery of Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov, who runs a Twitter feed that is packed to the gills with photos of the unusual sea beasts that he has been able to snare.

From eight-legged arththropods to fish with jagged, frilled teeth, there’s quite the collection of beasts.

According to the Moscow Times, Roman is employed at a port in Murmansk, northwest Russia, and he has discovered the majority of creatures while working on a trawler.

Open up, mate! This frilled-teeth shark is terrifying (Picture: Roman Fedortsov)

The picture above shows the frilled shark, an eel-like creature with unusual jagged teeth that have deemed it to be called a ‘relic.’

But things get even weirder, with one creature baring a scarily uncanny resemblance to the Xenomorph from Ridley Scott’s Alien movies.

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He’s also previously managed to catch a chimaera, more commonly known as a ‘ghost shark’ for their ability to light up their eyes in the dark.

This beasts looks like it is from Alien (Picture: Roman Fedortsov)
Scary stuff (Picture: Roman Fedortsov)

And arachnophobes should perhaps look away now, with this sea spider being another one of the terrifying creatures that Roman has caught. Oh, and it’s the size of a human hand too.

It’s also no surprise that Roman has caught a few beasts that he’s not been able to identify too. Take this near see through beast. ‘Who are you’, Roman captioned the photo.

Any idea what this is? (Picture: Roman Fedortsov)

We’re stunned and terrified in equal measure.