This smart tape measure offers an advanced way to track your body shape with ease

With the explosion of smartwatches and other wearable devices in recent years, it’s now easier than ever to track your fitness progress on the way to a healthier lifestyle. However, not everyone who enjoys technological advances wants to rely on these products to constantly remind them to keep moving. In fact, some goals may be to simply tone their body instead of drastically lose weight.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to track muscular improvements on various parts of your body, the PIE Smart Tape Measure can be of helpful assistance. Available on Amazon for $80, this small but mighty device stores, tracks, and analyzes data points on seven different important body parts: waist, shoulders, chest or bust, hips, thighs, biceps, and calves.

PIE Smart Tape Measure
PIE Smart Tape Measure

The measuring tape is easy to operate and just as fun to use. Simply download the PIE app and input your corresponding measurements to get started. The tape measure can also add up to 100 members to a single account, making it a compatible tool for fitness groups, instructors, coaches, and personal trainers.

This measure is probably as accurate as they come, but its conception was a process. In developing this device, Bagel Labs founder and CEO Soohong Park did not have any prior resources to draw inspiration, so he relied on his intelligence and previous tenure with Samsung as motivation to come up with the most accurate measuring tool on the market.

“Developing a smart tape measure for the first time in the world was not easy at all,” Park said, via Technically Baltimore. “When we first came up with this idea, there was not enough library to refer to strategically or technically. We had to develop our own sensors and mechanical designs technically, and we had to come up with various user scenarios to finalize our functional libraries.”

PIE Smart Tape Measure
PIE Smart Tape Measure

Many of the reviews lauded the Smart Tape Measure’s easy-to-use app, adding that it has helped them remain committed to their fitness goals.

One satisfied customer wrote: “This is a fantastic product! The delivery was quick (one day). The app is super easy to navigate and the measurements quickly translate digitally. The device is simple to use and easy to measure and read. I am excited to use this to track my body measurements using multiple data points over time as I am working on losing weight. This is a very nice product.”

Another happy shopper said: “I love this product! I’ve been wanting something to help me track my badly fitness goals and this is just what I was looking for. The app is super interactive and Bluetooth connection is done seamlessly.”

If you’ve been on the hunt for that final addition to your collection of fitness-tracking devices, look no further than the Smart Tape Measure from PIE.

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