Thought You Were Over Balayage? Introducing Your New Hair Obsession - Pastelage


Balayage is everywhere, it's beautiful, and we're not bored of it yet because it just had a vibrant update! Introducing the new rose gold hair - Pastelage.

Jack Howard, L'Oréal Professionnel UK Colour Spokesperson,let us in on how pastel hues can be incorporated into the balayage technique to create an entirely new, exciting colour scheme. Jack says, "balayage is no longer about just being supernatural and sun-kissed, which was the original concept". Although we love this basic but beautiful concept, sometimes we need to inject a bit of bright colour into our mane. Pastelage incorporates bright, semipermanent pastel hues into the natural hair colour using the same technique as traditional balayage.

L'Oréal Professionnel's new #colourfulhair semipermanent colour contains seven intermixable bright shades to bring your mermaid hair dreams to life. Much like traditional balayage, it's bespoke to the client preferences, skin tone, facial features, and hair type to create the perfect pastel tone. Jack says that "colourists can stretch the limits of what they can do with freehand, and incorporate superbrights."

Jack explains "there are so many options: you can go slightly diluted at the root and more heavily diluted at the ends. The blonder the balayage, the more the pink will show. Using My Colourful Hair by L'Oréal Professionnel allows me to mix loads of combinations because the colours can be diluted with a clear glaze. The different balayage techniques will give different feels: for example, California balayage will give the pinkest or most coral feel because so much more of the hair is blonde."

The Easy (and Temporary) Way to Try Rose Gold Hair at Home

The best part about pastelage is, much like balayage, you need very little commitment to brave a new colour change. Due to the nature of the balayage technique and the bright, semipermanent colours, the dye will fade and grow out over time. No harsh (and expensive) roots that need touching up, and the ability to switch up your colour regularly is enough to convince us! Jack seconds this by saying pastelage "is semipermanent, so it is a low commitment option that appeals to all ages."

Pastelage is available in-salon at L'Oréal to make all of your pastel balayage dreams come true. Read ahead to see examples of how other people have incorporated pastelage into their hair and get pinning.