Thousands of disabled people have had their cars 'taken away' after benefits shake-up

More than 50,000 vehicles have been taken away (Picture: REX Features)

More than 50,000 disabled people in the UK have had specially adapted vehicles taken away since changes to disability benefits were introduced in 2013.

The Motability scheme allows disabled people to take out a lease for an adapted new car, powered wheelchair or scooter using part of their benefit to pay for it.

But the Motability charity now claims that a staggering 51,000 people have had their vehicles taken away since the benefits system was changed in 2013.

Major changes to the disabled assessment process were first introduced five years ago, when personal independence payments (PIPs) were introduced as a replacement for the disability living allowance (DLA).

MPs including Peter Bone have now hit out at the ruling.. (Picture: REX Features)

From the 51,000 taken off the scheme, more than 3000 have now rejoined after an initial decision to refuse them PIPs was quashed.

According to Muscular Dystrophy UK, 900 cars are now being taken away as disabled claimants are rejected for PIPs.

Now, MPs including Peter Bone are calling for a change in the system to allow disabled people to keep their cars before a decision is made.

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He said: ‘You need it for mobility purposes and maybe you use it for work, but because you lose your PIP award you lose the car at the same time.

‘You appeal against the PIP award and ultimately the tribunal awards you back the PIP, but you’ve already lost the car and maybe your job because of it.’

Nic Bungay, the director of campaigns at Muscular Dystrophy UK, added: ‘Each of the 51,000 vehicles being taken away is a story about a disabled person’s independence being compromised.

‘This is having a devastating effect on quality of life. The fact that two-thirds of people who contest their PIP award win their case shows that the system isn’t working and is in urgent need of reform.’