Thousands of Fans Attend Soccer Match as England Eases Lockdown

Thousands of soccer fans gathered at Brunton Park in Carlisle, England, on Wednesday, December 2, to watch Carlisle United and Salford City play after a monthlong lockdown was eased across the country, the team announced.

On Monday, Carlisle United confirmed that 2,000 people would be attending the sold-out match, according to local reports. The number meets the limit permitted for outdoor gatherings under Tier Two COVID-19 restrictions, according to the UK government.

The tiered restrictions placed regions of England into either medium, high, or very high categories, with most falling into the higher two tiers.

Footage posted by Twitter user @laurabarr38 shows the crowd applauding as the players entered the field.

“Well isn’t this just the best sight and sound,” user @laurabarr38 said. “I feel like I’m one of the lucky ones tonight.” Credit: @laurabarr38 via Storyful