Thousands of people queue on mountain road to watch 'sea of clouds' at popular selfie destination

Thousands of people queue on a roadside cliff in Nueva Vizcaya, the Philippines after it has become a popular spot for watching the "sea of clouds" form every morning.

The massive crowds caused traffic jams for vehicles passing by the area early Sunday (October 6).

Visitors say the best spot to view the rare sea of clouds is in front of Kilometer Post 0466 along the National Highway, but it will only be visible for a few hours before sunrise.

The area has become a popular destination for taking selfies for social media as the clouds roll in across the mountain.

Visitor William Nuesa said: ''I captured the scene at about 5:30am. The clouds were beautiful but it was very busy.

''It was more like a sea of crowds than a sea of clouds.

''It's fine there, as long as people stay disciplined, polite to each other and don't leave their trash.''