Thousands Rally in Leipzig Against Germany's New Lockdown Measures

Thousands of people gathered at Augustusplatz in Leipzig, Germany, on Saturday, November 7, to protest against the government’s newest regulations for combating the spread of COVID-19.

Germany is a week into a partial shutdown aimed at curbing the virus’ spread, with looser restrictions than those applied during the previous lockdown earlier this year, according to the BBC.

The protest was in reaction to a court’s decision that denied the city from moving the protest elsewhere, The Washington Post reported. It had began in Leipzig on Friday night, local news reported, where protesters were seen without masks or wearing masks under their chins.

Fights broke out between uniformed police officers and protesters on Saturday, as seen in social media footage.

The situation continued to escalate as firecrackers were thrown at the police later that day. Credit: @BerndKacke via Storyful