Thousands of students face water cannons and riot police when protesting against Indonesian government

Thousands of students in Indonesia clashed with officials after attempting to enter the West Sumatra governor's office in a demonstration on September 24.

Authorities from the city of Padang deployed police with water cannons who blasted the crowd, who in turn pelted the vehicle with bottles and climbed on top of it.

Eventually the students, who were protesting a host of recent government policy issues, overwhelmed the police and security forces and entered the building.

The student demonstration coordinator, Ismail Zainuddin, said: "Dozens of students demanded the West Sumatra governor Irwan Prayitno to support the welfare of farmers in West Sumatra.

"In addition to urging the government to cancel the draft law on the elimination of sex violence that deviated with the norms of the Indonesian nation.

"Also the revision of the law weakening the eradication institution Indonesian corruption which will be determined at the plenary meeting of the Indonesian republic's representative assembly on September 25, 2019."