Three children injured in Grimsby crash caused by dangerous driver who'd been travelling up to 60mph

Three children were injured when an out-of-control car ploughed into their vehicle head-on at Scartho Top, a court heard.

The twin boys, aged two years, and their eight-year-old brother in a booster seat suffered injuries when the BMW car, driven dangerously by Minhazur Rahman, overtook another car and went head-on into the the family's Citroen C4 on Matthew Telford Park.

At Grimsby Crown Court, Rahman, 23, of Kent Street, London, admitted driving dangerously on Saturday, July 24, 2021.


Prosecuting, Nick Adlington told how the mother was driving the Citroen with her sons securely strapped in as passengers at 1.30pm and was driving extremely cautiously. Suddenly, as she turned a blind left-hand bend, she was confronted with Rahman's car coming towards her.

She braked, but the other car had been travelling at speeds of 50 to 60 mph on the 30mph road and the driver lost control in a rushed overtake. His car was on the wrong side of the road and travelling fast, told Mr Adlington.

The prosecutor told how two of the children were bleeding from their mouths due to the impact and were removed from the car by passers-by. The mother had a cut to her head and was only able to exit the car by scrambling to the rear seat and getting out of one of the rear doors.

The mother recalled the driver approaching her to say: "Sorry. I was driving. It is a fast car." It had earlier been seen by an off-duty police officer on Sutcliffe Avenue driving at an estimated speed of 60mph on a 30mph road.

The mother's eight-year-old son had bitten down on his tongue causing bleeding, said Mr Adlington. He said a vehicle examination of Rahman's car, which he had borrowed from a friend, showed it was not roadworthy. Reading from the mother's victim impact statement, Mr Adlington said she felt "anger and shock". "He did not take responsibility for his driving and sought to blame the car," she said.

For Rahman, Matthew Keliris-Thomas said his client understood the impact of what he had done. He said he remained at the scene and engaged with police immediately. He said it had taken until December 2022 for him to be charged with dangerous driving. He added it was an out-of-character incident and he had shown remorse.

Sentencing Rahman to 12 months in prison, Recorder Dapinder Singh KC said his driving fell far below the required standard. He banned him from driving for three-and-a-half years and ordered him to take an extended retest.