Three New Cycleways Coming to London this Summer - Luca Bennett - Bancroft's School

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Cycling is now a major form of transport in London <i>(Image: Luca Bennett)</i>
Cycling is now a major form of transport in London (Image: Luca Bennett)

The routes in Lambeth, Islington, City of London, Ealing and Hounslow. Following the success of London boroughs in reducing traffic on residential streets and lowering speed limits, the new cycleways will help communities across London access jobs, schools and hospitality as well as diversifying cycling in the capital.

It is no surprise that with the incredible growth seen in the uptake of cycling in London, as well as the need for carbon neutral travel, the new cycleways will boost this growing number of pedal-pioneers even further.

Walking and cycling infrastructure has taken a massive leap over the past few years, and, when outlining the new cycleway plans, London's Walking and Cycling Commissioner, Will Norman explained that “Cycleways play an important role in encouraging more Londoners to walk and cycle, contributing to a greener, fairer city for all Londoners.'

Elsewhere, in Lambeth, where new route C48 between Herne Hill and Brixton, Cllr Rezina Chowdhury, Lambeth's cabinet member for Sustainable Lambeth and Clean Air, said: 'Our car dominated streets deny people with disabilities the opportunity to move around their area safely and with confidence, children opportunities to play and present serious danger with hundreds of people killed and seriously injured in collisions every year.’

It is clear the demand for cyclist-related infrastructure is there and, it seems now only a matter of time when London will become the new Amsterdam.