Three Detained After Shooting at South Carolina Mall, Police Say

Twelve people were injured, including 10 with gunshot wounds, during a shooting incident inside the Columbiana Centre mall in South Carolina on Saturday, April 16, the Columbia Police Department said.

Speaking to media, Chief Skip Holbrook said eight of the gunshot victims were transported to hospital by authorities, including two in “critical but stable” condition. Another two gunshot victims self-reported to local hospitals, and two more people were injured in a stampede as people tried to flee the mall, Holbrook said.

Three people were detained, Holbrook added.

“At least three people were seen with firearms inside the mall, and at least one person fired a weapon. That could change,” Holbrook said, before urging witnesses to contact police with information.

Footage by Jennifer Jankucic shows officers and bystanders gathered in the parking lot at the Columbiana Centre. A man is seen being handcuffed by police. Credit: Jennifer Jankucic via Storyful

Video transcript

- I'm just going to record it.

- There was an old lady-- there was an old lady right in front of me and people just fucking ran her over.


- [INAUDIBLE] running over her.

- Yeah.


- Go inside and [INAUDIBLE].

- Yes.

- Oh my gosh, he's coming.

- Yeah, that's the one that was shooting.

- The dude? Is the one that was shooting?

- Yeah. Mhm.

- So what does the girl have to do? Are they witnesses?

- Or one of the suspects, honestly. I'm pretty sure he was shooting, though.

- And there's three other suspects they're looking for.

- There's three other ones?

- Yeah.

- Was somebody hurt?

- It's a Black guy?

- Uh, yes, a couple people got shot.

- They said it was confirmed, two people shot.

- Yeah, it's [INAUDIBLE], a young guy.

- An older woman got trampled. She was trying to get out and people pushed her over and trampled her.

- That's what I was thinking.

- That's disgusting.

- Yeah.

- What? Yeah.

- Pick up the [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah.

- Did you walk out there?

- Yeah.

- Everything's blocked out there.

- I can't let my nephew out my sight. He called us and FaceTimed while people shoot behind him.


- Damn.


- What'd you say, Tanner?

- Oh, she's defending him. OK.

- Apparently they were saying people were shooting behind him.

- That's his aunt, and she's defending him.

- Oh, apparently--

- 'Cause, you know, you've got to defend a shooter.

- Yep.

- Yeah. Let's defend him.

- Oh.


- I can't leave here.


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