Three 'Goats' Rescued After Wandering Onto Freeway in Tampa

Police in Tampa, Florida, picked up three farm animals that wandered onto Interstate 4 on Sunday, January 29, bodycam footage shows.

The Tampa Police Department said “several Good Samaritans got out of their cars” to stop “a mother goat & her two babies” and kept them safe until authorities arrived.

This bodycam footage released by police on Friday shows officers pulling up on a slip road next to the freeway and placing the animals in the back of their vehicle.

Tampa Police said the animals were handed over to Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office’s Agricultural Crimes Unit and then returned to their owners “safe and sound.” Credit: Tampa Police Dept via Storyful

Video transcript


POLICE OFFICER: Hey, guys you think we could get them in the car?

- I think so.


Over there

- Oh, it's OK, girl.

- Will this be a first?

POLICE OFFICER: Yes, this will be a first.

- Poor baby

- --picking up today.


- Baby girl.

- Thank you, sir.

POLICE OFFICER: Yep, thank you guys.

- Yes.

- Thank you, officer.


- Oh!


POLICE OFFICER: Yeah, they're in my car. It's a mama and two babies.

- You're a hero.

POLICE OFFICER: Thank, guys.

- Absolutely.

POLICE OFFICER: It's OK! You're OK with your little babies. You're OK with the babies.

- Hey, mom.

POLICE OFFICER: It's OK, mama. It's OK, mama.