Three monitor lizards wrestle to claim beach deserted by tourists amid Covid-19 downturn

This is the incredible moment three monitor lizards wrestled each other to claim ownership of a beach that has been deserted by tourists.

The large reptiles ventured onto the beach on the island of Koh Hong in Krabi province, southern Thailand, after holidaymakers disappeared in the wake of the Covid-19 coronavirus downturn.

With the territory up for grabs, two of the male creatures began violently grappling with each other before a third joined in to try and stake his claim on the land.

The dramatic footage of the fight was captured on Monday morning (March 23) by a national park ranger.

Jampen Phompakdee, head of wildlife in the area, said he found the fighting lizards while the team were patrolling the area.

He said: "The lizards were in combat each other on the edge of the jungle. They were fighting for more than ten minutes. This was territorial. They wanted to show their dominance over the land.''

The fight continued after the third lizard backed off. The larger or the two lizards eventually won and the defeated opponent had to scurry away back into the jungle.

Officials said that some of the monitor lizards in the area can grow up to 7ft long. They occasionally venture into the sea for a swim.