Three pampered pooches have their very own RENOVATED BEDROOM - complete with their own beds

A couple fed up of their massive dogs hogging their bed have given the three pampered pooches their very own renovated bedroom. Heather and Jarod Dalley-Haase, both 40, spent £700 renovating the guestroom into a dog room for Captain, Ralphie and Harley. Now the pooches, who all weigh over 30kg each eat, sleep and play in their own dedicated room which has custom-painted portraits and a bed for each pup. They've got a bed each, a dining area, a spot for their leads and toys, and even a little tee pee to cuddle up in. And now Heather and Jarod from Woodstock in Ontario, Canada, have their own bed back. Heather said: "The dogs would all try to sleep in our king-size bed. "We had no room to move so we would say 'go to your room' and they would go into the guest bedroom. "One night we said to each other we really should get them each a bed for that room. "That developed into making it officially for them, so they have all of their leashes, food, medications, toys, lifejackets and beds and blankets in that room. "The dogs sometimes go in their to play or chew their bones, they eat breakfast and dinner in their room and also sleep in their at night." Heather and Jarod spent a few days gutting their 18 x 18 feet guest room in March, after the pandemic meant they had fewer visitors staying over. They added a 36 x 24 inch poster of each dog, framed squares of dog wallpaper and crafted a custom dog feeder made from an old shelf. The entire renovation cost the married couple just under $1,000 (£722). This video was filmed within July 2021.

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