Three tariff shake up means an end to rogue data charges

Three tariff shake up means an end to rogue data charges . Phones, three, Online 0

Three has introduced a range of new mobile phone tariffs, including one that should see an end to those surprisingly high bills when you've used too much data.

As well as a load of new all-you-can-eat data deals to sit alongside the successful One Plan, the mobile network is offering a deal that has a 250MB allowance (called Essential) with a guarantee of no out-of-bundle data charges.

If you hit the 250MB limit, you'll simply be able to purchase more data. A 250MB add-on costs £2 or an all-you-can-eat add-on will set you back £5, both lasting for 30 days. If the top-up process is quick and easy, which we hope it would be, it's a great idea for people who only occasionally do more than light browsing, emailing and social networking.

As well as the new capped plan, Three is offering Ultimate Internet plans starting from £18, offering all-you-can-eat data alongside your chosen number of minutes. Like the One Plan, Essential and Ultimate Internet come with 5000 texts.

The One Plan is £25 remember, but perhaps you don't need the amount of minutes it offers. Ultimate Internet lets you choose from 100 - 1000 minutes.

Thomas Malleschitz, marketing director at Three, said: "These new plans see the end of out-of-bundle data charges.

"Three is built for the mobile internet, it's at the heart of everything we do and that's reflected in these new plans. Mobile internet usage is continuing to increase at lightning speed, customers are beginning to prioritise data and they rightfully expect their network to allow them to do so without hitting them with extra charges.

The new plans are available now. Check out for more info.

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