Let's go surfing - at 14,000ft! 'Skysurfer' pull off tricks on snowboard high above the clouds

Leaping from a plane is a big enough buzz for many but daredevil Oliver Furrer has taken his thrill-seeking to new heights - by 'surfing' the clouds on a snowboard.

In this video Oliver, 41, performs a series of stomach-turning stunts at 14,000ft on a snowboard in what is known as 'skysurfing'.

The Swiss champion stuntman has completed more than 3,500 jumps, and has won skydiving competitions across the globe.

He said: 'Skydiving is one of the great passions of my life. Nothing can beat the experience of floating freely through the sky like a bird.

'Even with more than 21 years of experience, I am still addicted to the thrills of skydiving with its many disciplines, and enjoy introducing other people into this fascinating sport.

'I was working with the skydiving formation team doing around 10 jumps per day and I loved skydiving so much I started skysurfing in my spare time.

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'It's really difficult to fly on the board, it takes a lot of experience to be able to control it, so in the beginning you need a really small board, as the bigger the board the harder it is to control. You then move on to a bigger board the more jumps you do.'

Oliver said that skysurfing can be dangerous, as there is a risk of flying into other thrill-seekers, or failing to release your parachute if you spin too fast.

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He added: 'The board is specially designed for skysurfing. In an emergency you have a handle which releases the board from your feet, so if you lose control you can eject the board and release your parachute.

'The board is very light and once released the board has it's own mini parachute so it falls to the ground like a leaf.'