Ti West shares MaXXXine's original ending

Ti West reveals MaXXXine's original endingUniversal

MaXXXine spoilers follow.

MaXXXine director Ti West has revealed the movie's original ending.

The new horror movie is the third in the X franchise, following the titular first film and its prequel Pearl, both released in 2022.

Mia Goth returns as adult film actress Maxine, the sole survivor of the first film, as she attempts to pursue a career as a big Hollywood starlet – all while being targeted by a serial killer.

Last warning. If you don't want to know MaXXXine's ending, look away now.


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The film's final scenes see Maxine learn that the mysterious killer is in fact her televangelist father Ernest Miller, who was previously teased as being Maxine's estranged dad in X.

The antagonist ties his daughter up with the hopes of killing her on camera, before two police officers storm the scene.

After shooting the officers, Ernest tries to escape but is fatally shot down, with Maxine touted as the hero who brought down a killer.

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Speaking to USA Today, West revealed that the film's original ending involved Maxine being "haunted" by farm owner Pearl, the ghost that tormented Maxine at the start of the franchise.

After planning to include some "turning-into-Pearl body horror stuff", the director ultimately decided to scrap the supernatural element.

"It just felt like going backward, [it] wasn't what these movies were about [and] it just wasn't as compelling handcuffing her to the past in that way," he explained.

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As well as Goth, MaXXXine boasts a star-studded cast that includes Better Call Saul's Giancarlo Esposito, Emily in Paris star Lily Collins, The Crown's Elizabeth Debicki, Ant Man and The Wasp's Bobby Cannavale, singer Halsey and legendary actor Kevin Bacon.

Ahead of its cinema release on July 5, the film premiered at a surprise screening in Los Angeles to favourable reviews from the audience.

It currently sits on an impressive 74% score on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes after 205 reviews, with us here at Digital Spy branding the horror "brutally entertaining".

MaXXXine is in cinemas now.

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