Can you get tickets to the Wimbledon 2022 final and how much are they?

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Wimbledon is drawing to a close, with four final tournaments taking place this weekend.

Tennis fans will be eagerly awaiting the results of this week’s matches to see who will go head to head for the Championship title.

The UK will be backing the last British tennis player left in the tournament, Cameron Norrie, who is set to compete in the Gentlemen’s Singles Semi-Finals on Friday, July 8.

All the action will be broadcast on BBC, so sport fans across the UK can tune in to see the most highly-anticipated matches of the season.

But for those hoping to be there on the day–is it still possible to get tickets? Find out below.

Wimbledon 2022 | Cameron Norrie

When is the Wimbledon final?

The Ladies’ Singles Final and the Gentlemen’s Doubles Final will take place on Saturday, July 9.

The Gentlemen’s Singles Final and Ladies’ Doubles Final will take place on Sunday, July 10.

The Mixed Doubles Final takes place earlier in the week, on Thursday, July 7.

How to buy a ticket to the Wimbledon final

Tickets to the Wimbledon final can be purchased through the tennis tournament’s queue system.

To be in with the chance of getting a ticket to the final, tennis fans will have to arrive at the queue in the early hours of the morning–or even the night before.

People will camp outside overnight before stewards will wake them at 6 am and ask them to form a queue.

Tennis fans can buy a Grounds ticket or a limited number of Show Court tickets.

How much are Wimbledon final tickets?

Centre Court (Price band A) tickets cost £75–£240 and Centre Court (Price band B) tickets cost £70–£230. Grounds passes cost £8-£27.

Wimbledon 2022

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