Tier 2 lockdown rules UK: What restrictions will be put in place in London?

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On Thursday 15 October, it was reported that from midnight on Friday, London will move into “tier 2” of the government’s new three-tier coronavirus restrictions system.

The prime minister, Boris Johnson, outlined the new three-tier system on Monday, explaining that different parts of England were to be categorised according to risk during the coronavirus pandemic.

Boris Johnson explained that areas placed in the first tier, or “medium” alert, will continue adhering to the restrictions currently established across the majority of the country, which includes following a six-person rule when socialising and pubs and restaurants shutting at 10pm.

In regions put in the third tier, or “very high” alert, indoor mixing between different households and support bubbles will be strictly prohibited.

Furthermore, pubs and bars will be ordered to close for the time being unless they can operate as restaurants, with the restrictions set to be reviewed in four weeks’ time once they come into force.

Certain regions in England have been placed in the second tier of the government’s new system, indicating a “high” risk of Covid-19 transmission, including London.

So what are the rules for areas in the second tier and when do they begin?

What are the rules for areas placed in tier 2?

If an area is placed in tier 2, this indicates that there is a “higher level of infections” in the region, the government stated.

In addition to measures such as the 10pm curfew and six-person rule being in place, additional restrictions will include not being allowed to socialise with different households or support bubbles indoors, whether you are visiting someone’s home or in a public space.

The government stressed that people in “high” alert areas are also not allowed to socialise in groups of more than six in outdoor settings, including private gardens.

Members of the public in tier two areas will also be advised to travel as little as possible.

“People should aim to reduce the number of journeys they make where possible,” the government said.

“If they need to travel, they should walk or cycle where possible, or to plan ahead and avoid busy times and routes on public transport.”

When did the new restrictions come into force?

After the restrictions for the government’s new three-tier system were announced by the prime minister on Monday, they were put forward to a vote in Parliament on Tuesday 13 October.

After being approved by Parliament, the rules came into effect across England on Wednesday 14 October.

How can you find out what tier your local area is in?

The government has launched a digital tool that allows you to check which alert level your local area has been assigned.

The postcode searcher is available to use on the government’s website and on the NHS Covid app.

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