Tiffany apologises for ‘off-colour’ remarks during ‘panic attack and meltdown’

Eighties star Tiffany has apologised to fans for “any off-colour things that I said” after she had a “panic attack” during a performance.

The I Think We’re Alone Now singer was captured on video swearing at fans during a performance of her biggest hit during a show in Florida at the weekend.

She has now explained that she suffered “a meltdown” after her voice failed her.

In a video shared on Instagram, in which she belted out the first lines of the hit song, she said: “Hey guys, can we chat?

“I am so sorry. I panicked. It’s not often that I lose my voice and I got up there and just absolutely had a panic attack, a meltdown.

“And out of my frustration, I said things that I don’t mean, at all. I love you guys so very, very much.

“And I want to say thank you to everybody who has shown concern and given me love, I’ve just been horrified for the last couple of days because I’ve just not been in that situation.

“I pride myself in being able to come and bring it to my shows and I love being with you guys and I had no clue I had a vocal problem.

“I’m not sick, but I just got up there and it just wasn’t there and it literally freaked me out.”

She thanked fans who had attended the show and said: “I love you guys and I’m sorry for any off-colour things that I said. It’s definitely not the norm for me.”

She added she had learned a valuable lesson, continuing: “I’m vulnerable and I’m human and I like to bring it and sing good and I just had no clue my voice wasn’t gonna show up that day until it was in the very moment, so I apologise and I love you guys.”

American star Tiffany, full name Tiffany Darwish, is best known for her 1987 cover of the Tommy James and the Shondells song I Think We’re Alone Now, which was her biggest hit.

She has since released 10 studio albums.