Tiger Cub Discovered in Trunk of Car When Cops Make Unrelated Traffic Stop

A tiger cub was discovered in the trunk of a car after a man and woman were arrested during an unrelated traffic stop, Mexican officials said on December 27.

Footage and images released by the Secretariat of Public Safety for El Marques shows officers removing the cub from the trunk of a car, which was stopped near Queretaro city, according to Mexico News Daily.

The man and woman were pulled over after being involved in a traffic accident, the secretariat said. While being questioned, the pair “acted aggressively with the officers and tried to flee,” before they were apprehended, the secretariat continued, according to a machine translation.

The tiger cub, four firearms and 98 cartridges were discovered during a search of the vehicle. Authorities said the cub was placed with specialists to help return it to its natural habitat. Credit: SSPyTM El Marques via Storyful

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