Tiger King star Carole Baskin urges Kate McKinnon not to use big cats in TV series

Roisin O'Connor
Carole Baskin appears in Netflix's new true crime docuseries Tiger King: Netflix

Tiger King star Carole Baskin has asked actor Kate McKinnon not to use live big cats in a TV series based on the popular Netflix documentary.

Baskin, who runs the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary and who had a fierce rivalry with fellow Tiger Cat star Joe Exotic, will be portrayed by McKinnon, who is also executive producer on the project.

“Kate McKinnon is a wonderful actress. Big Cat Rescue implores Kate McKinnon to not use real big cats and cubs in the making of her series,” Baskin told Entertainment Weekly.

“The Wondery podcast, which is the basis for her series, explores the rampant breeding, abuse and exploitation of big cats by breeder and exhibitor Joe Exotic.

“It would be cruel to use real big cats in a television series about cruelty to big cats.”

Her statement added: “We hope McKinnon has a passion for animals and that her series will focus on the horrible lives captive big cats lead when exploited by breeders like Joe Exotic. We further hope she urges the public to support the Big Cat Public Safety Act that would end the cub petting abuse in America.”

Tiger King has become one of the most talked-about documentaries of the year.

It recently emerged that another Tiger King star, Doc Antle, was present at Britney Spears‘ infamous 2001 VMAs performance of “I’m a Slave 4 U”.

Antle was minding a live tiger in the cage that Spears makes her entrance in.

Tiger King is available to stream on Netflix now.

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