Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on the 2012 PGA Tour

Can Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson Dominate the 2012 PGA Tour?

Have Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson returned to their former prominence as the greatest players on the PGA Tour? It has been awhile since either Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson dominated the PGA, and years since they pushed each other to their limits. Their recent performances at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am and Phil Mickelson's at the Northern Trust open show that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson might be back.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods' last win on the PGA Tour was in 2009, at the BMW Championship. A glance at Pebble Beach's leader board, where Tiger Woods finished 15th, does little to instill confidence in his chances of dominating the 2012 PGA Tour. However, Phil Mickelson had praise for Woods' game after the event.

According to Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods is nearly back to form. At Pebble Beach, Woods was driving, "Just like he used to. And his iron play looked extremely sharp." Mickelson thought Woods just needed one more week, before his game would come together. Tiger Woods will be playing at the 2012 Honda Classic, which he could win.

Phil Mickelson

Over the past few weeks, Phil Mickelson has shown he still can dominate the PGA. He won Pebble Beach, with an impressive final round. After Thursday, he ranked first on the Northern Trust Open's leader board. At the time of writing, Phil Mickelson was in the lead by one stroke at the Northern Trust Open.

If Phil Mickelson is the Northern Trust Open's winner, then he may quickly become this year's favorite. In the past, Mickelson has been number one. As the 2012 PGA Tour progresses, he may again dominate professional golf.

This month, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods could quickly ascend the PGA ranks. If Phil Mickelson wins the Northern Trust Open, then he will be a favorite on the 2012 PGA Tour. However, Mickelson knows to watch out for Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods could win the Honda classic or another other PGA event in March. If this happens, then Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will dominate the 2012 PGA Tour.


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