Tigers Cubs Splash Around During First Swimming Lesson at London Zoo

Sumatran tiger cubs at London Zoo enjoyed their first swimming lesson this week, and were seen splashing around and cooling off in a pond, in video released on June 7.

Cubs Zac and Crispin will turn one later this month. Video shows the pair practicing their swimming skills for the first time as parents Gaysha and Asim watch on, the zoo said.

“Unlike most felines, tigers love water and make excellent swimmers thanks to their webbed paws,” said London Zoo tiger keeper John Ho.

“It’s been amazing to see Crispin and Zac practicing their swimming skills for the first time," he said, adding he expects the cubs “will make the most of the expected heatwave.”

Visitors to Zoo Nights events events can see the tiger family in their habitat at dusk, the zoo said. Credit: London Zoo via Storyful

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