TikTok Debunked: Is 'wall mopping' a safe and efficient cleaning method?

Read on for everything you need to know about wall mopping, according to a cleaning expert.

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Person demonstrating wall mopping TikTok trend by using a mop on a white wall
What is "wall mopping" and is it a safe cleaning method? Yahoo Canada investigated the TikTok trend. (Photo via TikTok/carolina.mccauley)

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A slew of TikTok accounts dedicated to cleaning hacks have produced thousands of videos revealing how to turn serious stains and grimy bathrooms into squeaky-clean sensations.

One of those hacks is the "wall mopping" craze. Although the trend has been around for some time, it recently had a resurgence for its supposed ability to effortlessly clean your wall.

But is it safe to mop your walls? Are there any downsides to this trend?

Read on for everything you need to know about the fad.

The claim — and how it started

  • The internet exploded a few years ago when people discovered they could quickly and efficiently clean their walls with a mop. However, in the last couple months, "wall mopping" has gone viral again.

  • In July, home and lifestyle TikToker Carolina Mccauley (@carolina.mccauley) posted a video of her removing dust, dirt and grime from her walls using a mop and bucket. "I'm so happy with how effortless it is to clean my walls using my new mop!" she wrote in the caption.

  • To try the trend for yourself, all you have to do is wash your walls with a mop just like you would your floors. You might want to put a towel down at the base of the wall and floor to catch any drips. If you have wallpaper, this probably isn't for you.


  • Carolina's video has received a whopping 1.5 million views and more than 21,000 likes.

  • Other home, lifestyle and cleaning TikTok users have posted videos of them trying out the trend. Generally, many content creators are in agreement that it's an effective and time-saving cleaning method.

  • TikToker @livecomposed shared a clip that explained the trend helps them clean walls without bending or straining their body.

  • The "wall mopping" TikTok search has over 665 million views, while "TikTok wall mop" has over 243 million.

What TikTok users are saying

In the comments of Carolina's video, TikTok users had mixed reactions to the wall mopping trend.

On the downside, some people questioned if mopping your walls was a safe thing to do.

"Feels like a great way to promote mold growth," wrote one user.

"I'm sure it also depends on your paint at home. When I wet mine, a bit of paint comes out. It is weird," said another.

"I feel like putting water on my walls is just gonna ruin them and cause more damage," added a TikToker.

On the other hand, many people commended how "fabulous" and "efficient" the hack is.

"Where has this been all my life?! It's fast, fabulous and efficient!," penned a fan.

"I always do this, it makes cleaning a breeze!," shared someone else.

"So happy I learned this. It's going to change my cleaning routine for the better!," added a TikToker.

Sarah McAllister is the Founder and CEO of GoCleanCo. (Photo courtesy of Sarah McAllister) TikTok
Sarah McAllister is the Founder and CEO of GoCleanCo. (Photo courtesy of Sarah McAllister)

An expert weighs in

To get to the bottom of the trend, Yahoo Canada spoke with Sarah McAllister, Founder and CEO of GoCleanCo.

McAllister thinks the fad is "genius" because walls do need to be washed.

"[Walls] get dirty from animals, fingerprints and dust. If you don't wash them, the dirt will build up and you'll have a dirty looking home," she said.

Despite some pushback on social media, McAllister said there are positives to wall mopping.

"It is much easier on your body than wiping by hand, and you don’t need a ladder to reach high up spaces," she explained.

I have cleaned thousands of homes and washed thousands of walls with this method. Our homes should be built to be cleaned.Sarah McAllister

However, the expert revealed there are some "no-nos" to consider when using this cleaning method, like using too harsh of a cleaner.

"We use a teaspoon of powdered tide (less is honestly best, a little goes a long way) to a gallon of hot water and usually wipe with a microfibre cloth," McAllister explained.

Additionally, the CEO added using an old or dirty mop head can spread pet hair and dirt around your walls and make them look worse than when you started.

While some TikTokers thought wall mopping would take paint off their walls, McAllister urged people not to worry.

"Paint that doesn't wipe well is likely poor quality. Paint should be able to take a wiping down without damaging it," she said. "If you are worried a mop is too wet on the walls, then use a microfibre rag."

Overall, if you aren't pressure washing your walls, McAllister says the trend is safe and effective.

"I have cleaned thousands of homes and washed thousands of walls with this method. Our homes should be built to be cleaned, so they last... Invest in a good quality washable paint and you won't have anything to worry about," she said.

Mop bucket and a clean empty room
When wall mopping, McAllister recommends using a clean mop on high-quality paint. (Photo via Getty Images)

Is it debunked?

After investigating "wall mopping" and its supposed benefits and drawbacks, Yahoo Canada has verified this trend.

According to McAllister, as long as you're cleaning high-quality painted walls with a clean mop and using an appropriate amount of water, it's a safe and effective method.

"Cleaning can be fun if we don't look at it as a daunting task. Learn the most efficient tools for the job and then you can spend time doing fun things in your life!" she said.

"A clean home relaxes your mind, and eases anxiety in you and your family's lives."

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