TikTok discusses ‘toxic’ things their bosses have said: ‘Leaders can be the most petty’

A career coach prompted a discussion on TikTok about some of the most horrible, inappropriate and gross things bosses have said to workers.

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Katrina is the founder of Coach2Elevate and a senior manager of sales and customer training and development. She worked her way up from phone customer service representative, so she knows what it’s like to be on the bottom rung. Katrina asked people on TikTok what was the most “toxic” thing a workplace leader said to them. Then she shared her example.

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“In front of the organization, I called out our president for not answering a question directly,” she said. “Later on the head of my department said ‘You need to decide if you are for the company or for the people.’ That one didn’t sit well with me.”

People were happy to share some of the nightmare feedback they received at work.

“I corrected the CEO when he said my team left early and sent video proof. I was fired the next day for ‘questioning his integrity,'” a user commented.

“I started having a miscarriage while in office and when I told my regional manager she sighed and said ‘is this going to be a pattern with you,'” another added.

“Strangely, the leaders can be the most petty and take criticism super personally,” a person wrote.

“My sales manager said he didn’t see the value in training women bc they get pregnant and leave,” someone said.

“My manager informed me that he let go employees just in time to have them lose their pension to save money,” a TikToker replied.

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