TikTok filmed on fire engine in Scarborough leads to arrest of two men

A viral TikTok filmed on top of a moving fire engine in Scarborough has led to the arrests of two men.

The video was taken from the roof of the fire engine as it drove along Scarborough seafront on Wednesday night.

A man can be heard swearing and saying "oh my god" before the fire engine pulls to the side of the road.

Two men in their 20s are now in custody on suspicion of outraging public decency and public order, North Yorkshire Police said.

Firefighters stopped the vehicle as soon as they realised a man had climbed on top of it, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said.

Describing the stunt as "reckless", they said the actions "could have led to some very serious injuries, if not worse".

"We are well aware of the power of social media. If your children have viewed this footage, please talk to them about how dangerous this behaviour is."