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TikTok is moved by this mom’s daily affirmations with her little girl

Building self-confidence in little kids can be easier said than done, but one mom on TikTok has clearly found a way to boost her daughter’s self-esteem in a simple yet effective way.

Tara (@tara.and.evy), a Michigan mom of one, practices daily affirmations with her daughter Evy each morning as they get ready in front of a mirror. In fact, Evy’s gotten so good at repeating them that she’s now taken over the morning ritual mostly on her own.

“I am kind,” Evy says as her mom confirms that, yes, she is kind.

“I am free to be me,” the toddler continues, to which her mom says, “Good job!”

“I am loving,” Evy goes on before pausing as she forgets the next line.

“I am deserving of love,” her mom reminds her while brushing her long hair.

As the two continue, the affirmations range from Evy’s mind (“I am smart!”) to her body (“I love my body!”) to her friends and family (“I love others”). She also reminds herself that “she is enough” — just as she is.

The morning ritual also includes some commentary on consent.

“No is a full sentence,” Evy says. “Respect my body always.”

At the end of the clip, her mom leans in for a kiss as the toddler smiles and tells the camera, “I am ready for the day!” And by the sound of things, she certainly is.

In response, people have been leaving words of praise on the mother’s TikTok for weeks.

“This video is so important,” one person wrote.

“i’m not crying you are,” said someone else.

“[This] made me so emotional, another person admitted.

A lot of others applauded the specific line about “no” being a full sentence.

“That will be so powerful when she’s older and is now too,” said one commenter.

Another mom said she tells her kids the same thing but had never actually heard another parent teaching it, too.

Tara often shares daily tips, insights and stories about raising confident daughters on her TikTok page, where she has grown a following of more than 812,000. But people were certainly taken by this recent clip, which has gained more than 12.1 million views and thousands of comments.

Many people appreciated the gentle reminder of how important lessons like this can be during those chaotic early years. And teaching them now will make parenting them later so much easier.

“You’re doing a wonderful job as a mother,” one person told Tara.

“she’s going to be an amazing woman when she grows up,” added someone else.

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