TikTok ‘prankster’ Mizzy tells Piers Morgan why he is happy to be hated

Tiktok prankster Mizzy has described UK laws as “weak” after he was ordered to pay hundreds of pounds for breaching a community protection notice.

The 18-year-old, whose name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, stoked public anger over the past fortnight after he posted now-viral footage of himself walking into a stranger’s London home uninvited, in a bid for views on social media.

It follows other content branded “abhorrent” by senior politicians, in which the teenager picks up a woman’s dog and briefly runs off with it, asks strangers in the street whether they want to “die”, and jumps into a stranger’s car.

Pressed on the footage in an interview by Piers Morgan – in which both he and the presenter called each other “idiots” – Mr O’Garro said: “I went and apologised off social media – I could have recorded that apology and that would have been another viral video, whether it’s hate or whatever.

“Literally, hate brings money, hate brings likes, hate brings views. It doesn’t matter – love or hate, it still brings views ... It’s not like I prefer to do the hateful stuff, it’s just easier to do the hateful stuff.”

He told The Independent this week that he felt “sympathy and remorse” for entering the family’s home, which he said “could have been the best or worst decision of my life”, and said he believed the negative reaction to his videos is partly down to him being Black.

Shortly afterwards, Mr O’Garro was arrested and charged with failing to comply with a community protection notice issued last May, which had two conditions stating that he should not trespass on private property.

At Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, he was issued with a two-year criminal behaviour order which bans him from posting videos to social media without the documented consent of the those they feature, trespassing on private property, and entering the Westfield Centre in Stratford.

He was also handed a £200 fine for breaching the notice, and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £80 and costs of £85.

Appearing on Piers Morgan’s TalkTV show that evening, Mr O’Garro said: “I wouldn’t call it terrorising, I would more call it having fun”, adding: “You see this situation that blew up on the internet, like walking into random houses, the next day I apologised because I felt bad.”

Describing the “tiny fine” handed down by the court as “no deterrent to you whatsoever”, the presenter insisted: “You don’t show any real remorse, you don’t really care, do you?”

To which, the teenager replied: “The UK laws are weak, simple as, and that’s not my fault.”

Describing his decision to enter someone’s home as “more of a spur of the moment thing”, he added: “I got spurred on and my ego got a hold of me. I realised that at that moment and that’s why I went to apologise the next day.”