TikTok sensation visits Swindon on tour of UK's 'worst places' - and he wasn't impressed

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TikTok user Phil C delivered a damning assessment of Swindon
TikTok user Phil C delivered a damning assessment of Swindon

A TikTok user who reviews the 'worst places to live in the UK' visited Swindon - and delivered a damning assessment of the town.

Phil C told his 384,400 followers the town "exists simply to fill in what would otherwise be a lovely expanse of countryside", used two town centre Wetherspoons as evidence and went on to describe the Magic Roundabout as "an absolute battleground" in a two-minute diatribe.

His visit was based on website ILiveHere's poll of the worst places to live in the country, which placed Swindon 31st, between Andover in 30th place and Leicester in 32nd.

Phil started the video by saying: "It's one of those filler towns which everyone in the country has heard of but nobody wants to move to."

@philc84 Well #swindon wasn’t dangerous like some, 31st worst townfeels about right. #wiltshire #learnontiktok #placestovisit #britishhumour #ukcomedy #satire ♬ original sound - Phil

While sharing some random facts about the town, which he had been sent by a viewer, Phil showed some of the places he visited - completely ignoring gems like Lydiard Park, Coate Water and the historic Railway Village.

But with just under a million views in under 24 hours, the video has become a huge success for him.

He also brought up the house prices in the town, showing an ad of a two-bedroom flat on sale for £145,000, comparing it to his 'neighbours' in the South East having to pay that in rent for a year for the same flat.

On the Magic Roundabout, Phil added: "There is nothing magic about it.

"The place is a deathtrap!"

Phil's previous videos showed his dislike of Iceland and The Range stores, saying that in all the worst places you'll always be able to find both.

The fact that there's also an Iceland distribution centre and "the biggest Range he'd seen" didn't help his view of Swindon either.

The Designer Outlet did give the town some extra points, but he also argued that it was built "for a town on its knees desperately trying to attract people".

The one thing he was the most excited about, however, was the STEAM museum, which, unfortunately, he wasn't able to go into due to the Comic Con that took place last week.

In the caption of the video, Phil wrote: "Well, Swindon wasn't dangerous like some, 31st worst town feels about right."

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