TikTok star goes viral with hilarious videos rating EMERGENCY ALERT SOUNDS from around the world

A TikTokker has gone viral after sharing a hilarious video rating emergency alert sounds from different countries – leaving social media users in stitches at his reviews. Calvin Krause, 21, from Australia, US, shared the clip last week and it has already received over 19 million views. The video shows the student and part-time bartender standing in his living room while listening to a variety of alerts from different countries. The sounds are used around the world to warn people if there's a danger to life nearby, such as terror attacks, earthquakes and floods. They are usually broadcasted by cell technology and sent to the mobile phones of people in the area where the emergency is happening. While the UK currently does not have an emergency alert, it is expected to launch later this summer. Calvin starts off his video by rating the US emergency alert, which he gives a 3/10 because it "sounds like a computer from the 80s". The student even adds in some funky robotic moves for effect. He then moves onto Japan's very upbeat and jovial alert, which gets a 9/10 rating for its calming effect. "Hey I didn't want to scare you but there's something going on, here's some mochi," Calvin can be heard saying in the clip. Next up is Australia, which scores a very low 1/10 after failing to impress with its 'Doctor Who-esque' alarm. "Where's the spice?" Calvin asks, while appearing bored. Israel gets a 10/10 from the TikTokker for its very eerie alarm, which would fit in to the soundtrack of an eerie sci-fi thriller. "Hell is here," Calvin captioned the clip. Meanwhile, New Zealand gets a 7/10 for combining all of the alarms available on a Google search and France gets 8/10 for its track of fury. Denmark is rated 9/10 for an alarm that reportedly sounds like someone saying "you meat eat the nuggies lalalalalala". Elsewhere in Scandinavia, Finland gets 7.2/10 due to its "combination of guitar and Morse code" which is "unique and daring". Italy however gets an impressive 100 points on the 10-point scale for its rave-like alarm. Greece took home the main price though, with a shocking 94628/10 for its alarm, with a crying Calvin explaining: "Just for your information, you're gonna [sic] die." Calvin's video has been inundated with comments from TikTok users who have been left in stitches. One person wrote: "If I was in Greece I’d cry," while another joked: "Greece is just the intro of Stronger by Britney Spears". "Finnland's sounds like the beginning of a text song," another user said. [sic] "Okay but is Italy really that chill? Ima go [sic]," added a fourth person. "My dog did not like Israel’s," wrote another fan. "Israel's is haunting, I don't like it at all," another declared. "Israel and Greece make me wanna [sic] cry," one person added. Calvin, who was born and raised in Germany, was inspired to make the video after coming across different EAS alarms in a YouTube video. "So I thought, 'why not make it into a TikTok video'," Calvin said. "I usually just close TikTok after uploading a video, so when I checked it the next morning and saw that my last one was at 3.3 million views I was absolutely shocked. "It's still beyond me how this can just happen, I had never woken up to millions of views before, and now the video's at 18.6 million. "I'm so so grateful for the love it's been getting though because the more people I can entertain and make laugh, the better."