TikTok stars' brutal wipeouts while running ‘American Ninja Warrior’ course

On American Ninja Warrior Monday, the final week of semi finals action took a back seat for a couple tics, so a couple of TikTok stars could try their hand at running the course.

Josh Richards, a 19-year-old Toronto native who has over 30 million followers on TikTok and Instagram combined, was joined by 22-year-old Griffin Johnson from Paris, Illinois, with 14 million combined followers.

Richards was first to go, and although he made it through the first obstacle with relative ease, the Lunatic Ledges were up next and proved too difficult. And after jumping up and swinging a couple times, he lost his grip and fell into the water.

Then it was Johnson’s turn, and let’s just say the former high school baseball player hopefully wasn’t trying to turn his run into a TikTok video, because there may not have been enough time to even press the record button. Johnson was able to safely run across the first five steps, but abruptly crashed body-first into a short slide wall and down into the water.

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