What is TikTok’s ‘If I was…’ trend and why are couples doing it?

Couples love the “If I was…” trend on TikTok. But as with every trend on the app, some people are taking it to a new level of chaos.

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The “If I was…” trend started as a romantic personality quiz with lots of aesthetically pleasing photo sets and collages. People in relationships used it to prompt their partners into describing them as adjectives that fall into various categories (think: animal, vegetable, mineral).

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However, once the trend got a little too “basic” and mainstream on Straight TikTok, Alt TikTokers decided to have a little fun with it.

What is the “If I was…” trend on TikTok?

Girlfriends usually post the trend about their boyfriends, but any two people can do it. The idea is to ask the other person to describe you, in a word, as a color, season, animal, car, weather, city, food, time period, flower, fruit, movie, place, flavor, planet, aesthetic, school subject, dessert, crystal, pastime, Disney princess, element, Greek God or anything you can think of.

What is the song in the “If I was…” trend on TikTok?

The trend often uses the “Run Boy Run” sound by Woodkid, although some exclude it. Over 190,000 videos used the sound.

How long does it take to do the “If I was…” trend on TikTok?

What makes the trend unique is the amount of photo editing it takes since each prompt requires a mini montage. Some users lament spending hours creating theirs, but others take a more simplified and ironic approach, as seen in some examples below.

Although it took six hours for @andreaandlewis to edit her “If I was…” video, it went viral with over 7 million views and helped the trend grow in popularity. Pink, piglet, sunny, tulip, dancing, Moana and fire were some of the words used to describe her.

The user @jeessica.leeigh spent seven hours editing her “If I was…” video. Her beau described her as jade green, ’90s chic, Aphrodite and autumn, among other things.

But users like Sheena Melwani’s father could not take the challenge seriously. He said if Melwani were a color, she’d be “Toe beige.” If she were a car, she’d be a “Honda Civic.” If she were an animal, she’d be a “bunch of goats blocking a Himilayan hill path.” Naturally, she couldn’t stop laughing.

TikToker @giuliapellegrini4 took a more DIY approach. She and her boyfriend did the video together. She mimed the beat of the music with her mouth, and he imitated the photo montages by scrolling through photos on his phone. Clearly, they are a match made in heaven.

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