TikToker finds ‘petrifying’ video of herself that she can’t remember recording

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A TikTok user was left disturbed after she went through her video drafts and found a clip of herself she doesn’t remember recording.

On Oct. 23, the user, who now goes by “Sleeptoking girl,” explained the spooky situation in a TikTok video.

“I was looking through my drafts on TikTok ’cause I was gonna post s*** and I found this TikTok and I don’t remember making it,” she explained. “I swear on my whole family’s life. I swear I don’t remember making it.”


im so scared I swear in my families life I don’t remember making this help #sleeptoking #fyp #sendhelp

♬ original sound – Sleeptoking girl

She went on to explain that she “used to sleepwalk,” which is why she believes that she may have recorded the video in her sleep. She also pointed out that for the entire video’s duration, she doesn’t blink once.

After describing the situation, Sleeptoking girl then showed the video. In it, she stares directly at the camera with a blank expression and lip-syncs. As many people pointed out, it almost looks like she was possessed.

“I’m so scared,” she said in the caption — and she isn’t the only one.

“Girl you got possessed,” one person said.

“I came to the comments to laugh but damn lemme get my rosary,” another added.

“There is such bad energy from that video,” a third wrote.

“This is absolutely petrifying,” a fourth said.

Though we may never know what truly transpired when Sleeptoking girl recorded this video, I think we can all agree that the lack of eyelid movement is suspicious.

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