Who is TikToker Myra Magdalen, and why is she going viral for having the weirdest bedroom decor ever?

Who is TikToker Myra Magdalen, and why is she going viral for having the weirdest bedroom decor ever?

Name: Myra Magdalen

Birthday: 11/9/96 (26 years old)

Best known for: Sharing her eccentric fashion sense and decorating style on TikTok.

Socials: TikTok | Instagram | YouTube

About Myra Magdalen:

Myra Magdalen (@myramagdalen) is a clothing designer, fashion influencer and TikTok star who constantly surprises her followers with fun and quirky “fit check” videos that border on performance art.

She first started posting “get ready with me” (GRWM) videos back in 2020 and now boasts a following of more than 767,000. Since then, she’s become known for her off-the-wall fashion sense, styling outfits with everyday household items like iPads and cell phones. Some of her more “out-there” looks have even featured fake worms and furry hamster hats.

However, it’s her equally quirky interior design style that people can’t stop talking about right now.

On Sept. 15, Magdalen gave a now-viral bedroom tour that showed off her under-the-sea-themed bed, complete with a DIY headboard shaped like an open conch shell.

She also captured various design details from around the room, including things like a wall devoted to worms, a table full of framed photos of nail clippers and several homages to fictional characters, like the dad from Jimmy Neutron and Breaking Bad‘s Walter White.

The room tour video now has more than 7 million views on TikTok and is eliciting a ton of reactions across social media.

“my jaw has never been lower,” tweeted @_shaunasjorts after sharing the TikTok on Sept. 17.

That tweet alone has now gained more than 32 million views and brought in thousands of responses from others.

“This is the most chaotic thing I’ve seen all 2023,” wrote @DaeshawnBallard.

“I gotta make my house weirder,” joked @drethelin.

This isn’t the only time Magdalen has shocked people with her bedroom decor. In 2021, she hopped on the “red flags in my room” trend by sharing a plastic bag filled with dead moths and a framed cockroach collage she hung on her wall.

That same year, Magdalen also gave more views from inside her bathroom, where she typically films all her GRWM videos.

Mounted on the walls are multiple desktop computer keyboards and hanging from the ceiling are various electrical cords. Meanwhile, the vanity mirror is lined with several old cell phones.

While Madgalen’s style may not be for everyone, there are plenty of people online who can appreciate her off-beat, eclectic designs.

“The chaos is calming,” commented @bigclickenergi on her latest room tour video.

“If I lived in this room I’d never leave,” added @grehs_.

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