TikToker’s sarcastic video about her husband goes viral

Emerald Pellot
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A gamer mom is going viral for a video where she thoughtfully roasts her husband on TikTok.

Ashley shared a video called, “Caring things my husband does to keep me happy.” At first, Ashley sounded like the many vloggers who delight in telling the world how awesome their partners are, but as the skit went on it became clear she was dragging her man’s bad habits.

“He knows that I love fresh water in my coffee so he leaves [the Keurig] empty every day,” Ashley said. “Always leaving the pod in so I know he had a coffee in the morning. How sweet.”

Ashley’s cheerful tone changed as she removed the used coffee pod from the equipment.

“He knows I love to organize my coffee,” Ashley said opening an empty box of k-cups.

“But he did bring up a backup, don’t hate on him yet,” she said, opening another box that was also empty.

She then joked that he probably left the cardboard for her because he knows how much she loves art projects. Then she tripped over his shoes and screamed at the top of her lungs.

“F***! I love him so much! He probably just knows that I’m very particular about where the shoes go,” Ashley said.

The hilarious video racked up over 14 million views.

“I thought she was serious. She had me in the first half,” one person wrote.

“I took two pods out of the box, set them on the counter for us both to have a cup. He made himself a double coffee right in front of me,” another commented.

“I think my husband may be living a double life at your house,” someone said.

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