TikToker shares parents’ heartwarming reaction to her surprise visit home from college: ‘This is so sweet’

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A woman is going viral after sharing her parents’ reactions to her frequent surprise visits home from college.

TikToker Hannah Cho (@hannnahcho2) shared the heartwarming, hilarious video in a post earlier this year. The clip, which has since drawn over 4.4 million views, is a montage of the numerous times she shocked her parents by showing up at their house.

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“In college, I was notorious for coming home unannounced and surprising my parents,” her caption reads.

In each of her surprise visits, Cho films her parents’ faces as they realize she’s come to see them. Often, they’re so overwhelmed that they hardly understand what’s happening.

“What are you doing? Are you kidding me?” Cho’s mom says in the first clip of the montage. “How did you come?”

Despite her surprise, Cho’s mom rises and immediately hugs her daughter.

Other visits are even more elaborate. In one, Cho sprints up to her mom outside. In another, she stands in the family room as someone removes a blanket from her mother’s face.

Often, Cho’s dad seems to be in on the joke. But in the final clip, it’s his turn to be shocked.

“What? You liar!” he says as he sees Cho turning a corner.

The video drew all kinds of positive feedback. Many commenters found it funny, but most were even more struck by Cho’s relationship with her parents.

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“This is so sweet,” one user wrote.

“Your parents love you so much,” another added.

“I love how excited they are to see you,” another agreed.

Others wrote that they’d done similar things when they were in college. One user even said they used to surprise their parents with big changes to their appearance, such as tattoos or new piercings.

As it turns out, Cho did that as well. In a follow-up video, she shows footage of her parents’ reaction to her new nose piercing. At first, neither seemed very happy.

But as Cho explained, her parents have for the most part grown to accept her tattoos and piercings — despite their initial sections.

“Don’t worry, guys,” she joked in the clip. “I have been a disappointment to them.”

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