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TikTokers get caught off guard by crushes and ‘FBI agent’ behavior

Unexpected behavior from crushes and significant others is catching TikTokers off guard.

All users are doing is putting text with some form of, “No babe/bae/shawty I still like you, it’s just…” on the screen. The users then fill in the blank with an action their person of interest did that surprised them. These acts can be anything from something many consider unusual to just a small, personal ick.

“I’m a girls girl… they know everything. sorry not sorry,” said @sophiabwallace.

Another video had the same energy, where a girl couldn’t understand why her “bae” got upset when his video game “lagged.”

She didn’t understand why it was such a big issue, but the comments did.

“Carson… u normally accurate but this take is not valid I’m sorry… U gotta play to understand,” said @thezaidenfryyyy.

“I wouldn’t expect you to understand,” said @parker_maxwell_.

This trend also applies to people not in relationships, especially those with extremely interested crushes.

“I’m a professional FBI agent,” said @phoebedavis19.

There are over 159,000 videos connected to this audio, a sped-up version of “I Been Drinking” by Future.

TikTokers have been eager to share what’s been throwing them for a loop and what their people of interest are doing to confuse them.

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